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Now is the time. According to John Gottman, relationship and marriage expert, couples wait an average of six years of being unhappy before they ask for help.

That means six years of hurt and resentment have piled up before they begin to learn how to resolve their differences. While marriage and relationship counseling is hard work and there are no guarantees, I believe many marriages can survive and thrive, whether there’s an infidelity, emotional affair, family trauma, waning romance, financial mistrust, stepfamily issues, or parenting disagreements. If you’re looking for a better relationship with a loved one or even yourself, now is the time to make it happen.

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Elizabeth Gorovitz
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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" I don't leave many reviews for people, but I'm compelled to do so when a miracle shows up. Liz is one of those miracles. When I arrived at her office, I was at a loss at what to do with my life and my 24-year marriage. Within 30 minutes of sitting with Liz, I knew what I needed to do. It wasn't about saving or ending my marriage; it was about me. Liz was incredibly clear and firm. She gave me direction and over four months, held me accountable for who I wanted to be. I'm happier than I've been in many, many years. If you're lucky enough to book time with Liz, do it." - Ted Larkins

"I have never been one for counseling, but felt we needed a little help on communicating. Elizabeth made a huge impact on our relationship and I cannot begin to explain how much we appreciated her help. Would highly recommend her." - Randy Turbin

"Really helpful and compassionate therapist!

Liz really helped provide me and my partner with the tools we needed to understand why we were arguing all the time - and how to change our patterns so that we both felt heard. We learned so much about ourselves and each other and I would recommend Liz's services to anyone looking to improve their relationship-or themselves!" - Stacey S.

"When I first saw Liz, I instantly felt her positive energy and great vibration.

She's easy to talk to and was spot on with getting to the core of the matter. The hour my fiance and I spent with her was life-changing. I highly recommend Liz as a marriage and family therapist." - Deborah Teixeira

"I reached out to Liz for help with a dysfunctional relationship with my mom. My mom and I had a horrible pattern of getting into arguments and not talking for days, weeks, or even months. Somehow we'd start speaking again, never truly acknowledging the issue that caused us to stop speaking and just pushing it aside. Sometimes I'd apologize just to "move forward," and then weeks later one of us would say something that upset the other, and the cycle would start all over again. We'd point the finger at one another (or blame was placed mainly on me). The most difficult thing was my mom and fiancé not getting along. Liz helped me look at my situation from a different point of view, which allowed me to think about everything differently. It's now 7 months later, and I'm happy to say that my mom and I are in a much better place than we were before.

Liz helped me gain the confidence to speak up for myself in situations where I felt like I couldn't express my feelings. She helped me realize that it's okay to put my foot down and set boundaries without feeling guilty. She also made me see that I needed to set one-on-one time with my mom for our relationship to grow in the right direction. Liz made sure to remind me multiple times that I was doing a great job with how I handled myself in altercations with my mom. I really needed to hear that because I would doubt myself a lot and believe I was the one who was always in the wrong. Liz gave me the reassurance to trust myself to be able to handle difficult conversations with my mom. I'm so happy I found Liz! I'm truly grateful for everything she helped me with, and if I ever run into difficulties, whether it be with my mom, or life in general, Liz will be the first person I reach out to!" - Adriana D'Meza

"As a result of my first session with Liz, I felt safe in a judgment free zone. I knew Liz would give me the ability to learn techniques about how to manage and feel confident, brave, and courageous to open up emotions that I buried for so long. She isn’t just your average therapist who listens, takes notes, and asks “how does that make you feel?” It’s much more than that. She's a very good teacher and helps you better understand why things happen and how to find solutions.

Liz is worth it! I would say for myself, as my first time experience of trying therapy, I was really lucky to have Liz. With each session I have had with her, not once have I ever felt obligated or guilted into making more sessions. To me, as a customer, that speaks volumes. Her characteristics of who she is as a professional therapist will give you the courage in choosing her." - Steven & Sherlita Clark