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Couples and Marriage Counseling from the comfort of your home. 

I’m excited to offer all counseling sessions virtually by Telehealth, a secure, HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform that allows us to connect anywhere with secure and convenient appointments. Through audio and video over the Internet, we can meet from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device (iOS or Android). All you need is a good internet connection and a private space.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is online therapy. It has lots of different names, like teletherapy, remote therapy, virtual counseling, and internet therapy, but the concept is the same: We meet for counseling via the internet. Telehealth is the perfect way to continue your mental health care when in-person sessions aren’t an option. And studies show that remote therapy sessions are just as effective as in-person appointments.

The many benefits of Telehealth 

Social distancing/Quarantine/Illness

Whenever you need to be home for health reasons, you can continue or start counseling sessions. Having to remain at home can be stressful for many couples, families, and individuals. Telehealth technology ensures the same high quality and HIPAA compliant care as our in-person sessions.

Transportation problems

I-4 and local traffic can be particularly congested during rush hour and construction, and driving to my therapy office can be a challenge. Telehealth allows you to keep your appointment without the stress of getting there.

Therapy from anywhere

If my office is far from where you live or work, you can still take care of your mental health with online therapy. You can schedule a session while away on business or on vacation. You can even have your appointment in a parked car! All you need is a private space.


Busy schedules, sick kids, long work days, and precious family time can make it difficult to find time for therapy. With no travel time, online sessions make it convenient to keep up with your mental health care.

Physical limitations

If you’re injured or disabled, or if you’re caring for someone who’s sick or disabled, getting anywhere can be difficult. Video therapy takes care of both your physical and mental health needs.

The comfort of home

Sometimes talking about personal issues can be uncomfortable. Remote therapy lets you feel relaxed in your familiar surroundings (maybe even in pajamas!) so you’re more inclined to speak openly about relationship problems, stress, abuse, anxiety, loss, or sadness.

Confidential and secure

Telehealth assures confidentiality with a secure connection. On a desktop or laptop, all you do is click on the appointment link in your email. On a smart phone or tablet, download the Telehealth by SimplePractice app and click on the link.

Who can benefit from Telehealth?

Online therapy is great for individuals and couples, whether you’re alone or working with your partner to improve your relationship. Couples counseling for one is also ideal for Telehealth sessions.


Telehealth FAQs for Clients


What equipment do I need?

To participate in Telehealth appointments from your home, you will need one of the following devices:

•  Desktop computer with a webcam, speakers, a 2.5 GHz processor, and 4 GB of RAM OR

•  Laptop computer with built-in webcam and speakers, a 2.5 GHz processor, and 4 GB of RAM OR

•  Tablet device with built-in webcam and speakers, OR

•  Smartphone with at least iOS 11 or Android 7.0

(Note: To use a smartphone, you must first download Telehealth by SimplePractice - available for iOS or Android in the app store.)

You will also need an internet connection that is at least 10mbps. For optimal results, a reliable, high-speed internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 10 mbps will minimize connection issues and provide the best quality.

The day of the call

Using a desktop or laptop computer

If you plan to use a desktop or laptop, there is nothing to download prior to your appointment. Here are the steps to join:

•  Approximately 10 minutes before your appointment, you'll receive an email appointment reminder. Please note that the exact time you receive the reminder may vary based on your cell phone carrier.

◦ Note: If you have already consented to receiving text and/or email reminders, you will continue to receive them for Telehealth appointments as well. For new clients, make sure you have provided your email and or mobile phone number so that I can enable email or text reminders.

• Click the unique link embedded in the reminder. You may have to copy and paste the link into your web browser if clicking the link does not work. Your video call screen will now open in a new tab.

• If I have already joined the call, you will see my face on the screen. If I have not, you will see yourself, as shown below

Using a smartphone or tablet

If you plan to use a mobile device, here are the steps to join:

• Download Telehealth by SimplePractice (for  iOS or Android) in the app store. Approximately 10 minutes before your appointment, you should receive an email appointment reminder. 

• Open the reminder email on your device and click the unique link. This will open the Telehealth by SimplePractice app.

• If I have already joined the call, you will see my face on the screen. If I have not, you will see yourself.

• When you are ready, click Join Video Call. This will take you straight into the video call.

Note: There may be a slight delay for me to join the appointment if I am finishing with a previous appointment. Please be patient and I will join momentarily.

Tips for success

• I recommend joining the video appointment a few minutes early to test your settings.

• If you can connect to the Internet, but are having trouble joining the video, you can use our recommended Pre-call Tool.

• To use a smartphone to join a video chat, you must first download the Telehealth by SimplePractice app available in the app store for iOS or Android.

• If you need to cancel or have questions about the appointment, please contact me.


Telehealth FAQs for Clients

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