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Couples counseling requires special skills of the therapist. 

If you’ve tried couples counseling before and have seen little to no change, or have no clarity about why you’ve stayed stuck, you may have worked with a therapist who trained primarily in individual therapy, which is markedly different from couples therapy. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I provide an interactive, systemic approach that helps individuals and couples get to the heart of their issues, improves the quality of their relationships, and empowers them with the tools necessary for a happy, healthy life.

I am committed to using empirically based methods and strategies to help my clients reach their goals. The techniques I use are informed by the work of Dr. John Gottman, who is world-renowned for his extensive research and model of couples therapy. Drawing on my specialized training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy,  I’ll provide you with practical tools and concrete solutions to your relationship struggles and concerns. In short, I use what has been proven to work.

Behind every complaint is a deep personal longing.

– John Gottman

Click here for more information about Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

I approach therapy from a systemic perspective.

I have thorough knowledge of family systems theory.  I believe that people work in relationship systems, and each individual in the relationship affects the balance of the relationship. As a couples therapist I’ll help you recognize the emotional dance you’ve created with your partner that keeps you stuck in the same toxic communication patterns. I’ll teach you how to communicate and offer a plan for fostering a stable connection between you and your partner. My goal is to help you begin resolving past issues and decrease resentments, allowing you to deepen your friendship and increase your affection for each other.

I am culturally sensitive and work with all kinds of couples.

I incorporate cultural sensitivity into my work to accommodate differences in opinions, values, and attitudes of people from all walks of life. I appreciate and respect issues related to diversity, including age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, spirituality, and socioeconomic status. See my LGBTQ Couples Counseling page here.

Are you ready for change in your relationship?

When your relationship isn’t working, everything feels more difficult. Anger, fear, guilt, worry, and loneliness keep you from fully enjoying life. Whether you’re facing the crisis of infidelity, having the same arguments with no resolution, feeling disconnected from your partner, or contemplating divorce, I can help. Many couples come to counseling after a major incident or life transition. A new job, the birth of a baby, children leaving the nest, a move, financial issues, infidelity, talk of divorce, or a medical diagnosis are some of the common issues I treat.

How Marriage and Couples Counseling Works

A thorough assessment is key to effective treatment.

Typically, couples’ problems fester over time, so I use the first three sessions to take a thorough relationship history and get each partner’s perspective. Meeting together first and then in separate sessions gives me a more complete picture of your relationship.

First, we meet together.

I’ll meet with both of you to observe your communication patterns and get your individual thoughts on problem areas and counseling goals. Typically, the initial session lasts 90 minutes because there is so much for me to learn about you. I may give you additional evaluations for personality type, depression, anxiety, and relationship strengths and weaknesses to complete at home.

Next, I’ll see you both individually.

I’ll meet with you individually to learn more about your family and cultural backgrounds, personal experiences, and prior relationships. This appointment is approximately 55 minutes.

Then we’ll meet together again.

In a couples session, I’ll share my observations, including your strengths as a couple as well as areas ripe for improvement.Together we’ll construct a roadmap for the issues you’ll work on in therapy, including an estimate of how long therapy may take. We’ll continue to meet weekly in 55-minute couples sessions, adjusting session length or frequency as needed or requested.

Benefits of Couples Counseling in Crisis or Calm

Couples counseling can help whether you're in crisis or searching for closeness.

As a couples therapist I am an objective third party to whom you can talk openly about your relationship. I provide a safe place to find support, empathy, and proven ways of solving your problems. Using the Gottman Therapy Couples Method, I help couples learn to respect and care for each other and to break through conflict calmly and productively. In addition, this treatment method helps couples recognize the behaviors that permeate unhappy relationships, including criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling.

In fact, contempt is the single biggest predictor of divorce.

 Areas of expertise:

•  Infidelity

•  Communication Issues

•  Divorce/separation

•  Remarriage

•  Stepfamilies

•  Grief and loss

•  Life transitions (child birth, move, new job)

•  Conflict resolution

•  Premarital Counseling

•  Effects of addiction

•  Coparenting

•  Stress

•  Sexual issues

•  Intimacy

•  Relationship “checkup”


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